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GRAY*STAR, Inc. is a privately held company. It was founded in 1989 with a single objective: Design, engineer, manufacture and market irradiators that specifically meet the needs of the food industry. The founders of GRAY*STAR, Inc. have been leaders in the radiation industry for half a century. They realized a decade ago that food irradiation would soon come of age mostly because of increasing concern over foodborne disease. They also realized that an entirely new type of irradiator technology would be needed to meet the requirements of the food industry. Hence the Genesis Irradiator™ was created.

Alec D. Keith - Chairman of the Board, Director
Martin H. Stein - Chief Executive Officer, Director
Russell N. Stein - Chief Operating Officer, Director

Chairman of the Board, Director

Alec D. Keith, GRAY*STAR's Chairman of the Board, received a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology from Long Beach State University and a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Oregon. He began a teaching career at the University of California, Berkeley and later moved to The Pennsylvania State University. Over a fifteen-year period, he published more than 100 original articles, achieving international recognition for his pioneering work combining genetics, chemistry and physics to detail the functions of biological membranes. Dr. Keith left academic life in 1979 to join Key Pharmaceuticals. There he directed the successful commercialization of the transdermal technology for delivery of nitroglycerin, an approach that transformed the treatment of individuals suffering angina and congestive heart failure. In 1983, Dr. Keith formed Zetachron Inc., a company dedicated to novel forms of drug delivery, and, after the company's merger with Watson Pharmaceuticals, became Chairman of the Board of Watson [WPI:NYSE]. Under Dr. Keith's leadership, Watson grew significantly, achieving a market capitalization in the billions of dollars. He left active service at Watson for new challenges. He currently serves as Board member and advisor to several young companies, and conducts independent private research, expanding into e-commerce. Dr. Keith holds 150 international patents and 50 domestic patents, most notably on alternative drug delivery systems that reduce side effects for patients.

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Martin H. Stein, a member of the Board of Directors, is the Chief Executive Officer and President of GRAY*STAR, Inc. Mr. Stein has more than half a century of experience in the radiation processing field, including radiation chemistry, physics, engineering, industrial process and product development, sales and management. Mr. Stein holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Queens College (1957 - Flushing, NY), is a member of a number of professional societies and well recognized in his field. Early in his career he served the United States Government, first with the U.S. Army QMF&CI Food Irradiation Program, and then for six years with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. He became Chief of the Process Radiation Section - the AEC's program for introducing radiation technology to industry. Next, Mr. Stein turned his efforts to the private sector; first as Manager, Radiation Process Development with the Atlantic Richfield Company, and then as Vice President of Operations with Radiation Machinery Corporation in Parsippany, New Jersey. Prior to the formation of GRAY*STAR, Inc., Mr. Stein founded two corporations and served as President: RSA Corporation of Dover, New Jersey (12 years), and Precision Materials Corporation of Mine Hill, New Jersey (5 years). Both of these companies were engaged in the contract service irradiation business. Mr. Stein is an emeritus member of the American Chemical Society.

Chief Operating Officer, Director

Russell N. Stein, a member of the Board of Directors, serving the Company as the Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Mr. Stein is a graduate of Dickinson College (1981 - Carlisle, PA). He has extensive experience and training in radiation engineering and facility design. He was the inventor and designer of the Dynamic Source Scan, the basic operating system for the OMEGA, Precision Materials Corporation's irradiation facility. Mr. Stein has made a series of important contributions to the field of radiation engineering, including important advances in dosimetry and radiation safety systems. He introduced the use of the computer for the control and operation of radiation source drive mechanisms, and was the chief designer of the GRAY*STAR Irradiator™ and the Genesis Irradiator™. He was a Licensed Operator and Radiation Safety Officer for three corporations prior to the founding of GRAY*STAR, Inc.: RSA Corporation, International Nutronics, Inc. and Precision Materials Corporation. He served as Vice President of Operations with Precision Materials Corporation for a period of five years. Mr. Stein has received several patents. He is a member of the American Nuclear Society, American Society for Materials and American Society for Testing and Materials. Mr. Stein is one of the founders of GRAY*STAR, Inc. and Martin Stein's son.

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